Streamline your batch payments
in USDc and USDt

Secure the delivery, validate the recipient, identify the chain

Re-consider payments in digital currencies and keep them in order

tech geeks globally
already receive compensation in crypto
would like to receive crypto in the nearest future
face with difficulties in tracking

GeekPay simplifies the troubled crypto payment process and secures the delivery

For the company


For the company

Invite your contractor to GeekPay

For the company

Create the invoice

For the company

Streamline the bulk payments with
a click of a button

For the contractor

Get invitation from
the company to GeekPay

For the contractor

Get paid to your corporate wallet

All-in-one Toolbox
no need to switch between tools
track your activities in one place
Private, Secure, Fast
backed up by NEAR Protocol infrastructure
and Calimero privacy and security
Human-friendly interface
Simple onboarding, bulked & scheduled
payments, embedded reports

GeekPay Technical Partners

Who we are

GeekPay helps to make the payments in digital currencies clear and well organized  

The contractors and professional services providers use digital currencies actively. It helps to navigate quicker and be responsive in the evolving reality
Who we are

We engaged the top experts in finance, legal and blockchain to create the tool that saves your time

GeekPay smooths annoying payroll process and gives the most convenient service to your contractors regardless of their location or residence


Nestor Dubnevych
Co-Founder and COO
LegalNodes. Legal Specialist
Dmitry Vartanyan
CFO in Sigma Software, part of
Sigma group (10K employees worldwide)
Anton Vaisburd
CEO at NearUA. Co-Founder
(Y Combinator alumni) Former IB at Barclays

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