Streamline and secure payments in digital currencies

No need to keep long wallet addresses and have stress of uncertainty

GeekPay supports:
NEAR, ETH, Tron, BNB and Polygon

What we provide



Manage your contractors by simple registration and onboarding process



Export CSV of your transactions and visualisation of your spends



Identify and validate the chain and wallet, void transaction in case of necessity



Create invoices and make batch payments



Label and tag your transactions and invoices

GeekPay simplifies the troubled crypto payment process and secures the delivery

For the company


For the company

Invite your contractor to GeekPay

For the company

Create the invoice

For the company

Streamline the bulk payments with
a click of a button

For the contractor

Get invitation from
the company to GeekPay

For the contractor

Get paid to your corporate wallet

Choose your pricing plan

GeekPay Basic


  • manage your teams
  • send unlimited invoices
  • create transaction reports

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GeekPay Secure

0.1% transaction fee

  • make batch payments
  • secure your transfers with ability to void and get money back
  • set up approval flow
  • add AML checks to all connected wallets
  • export to CVS and PDF files
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What is GeekPay?

GeekPay is all-in-one toolbox to streamline, track and secure payments in digital currencies

Which blockchain GeekPay is available?

GeekPay provides its services for NEAR Protocol, ETH, Tron, Polygon and BSC. We support payments in stablecoins and native tokens

How we help you?

GeekPay will automate data collection of your payments: chain identification, wallet address, status of payment. We will provide you the ability to get your payment back if the wallet access was lost by the recipient. You will be able to see payments in different chains in one place and evaluate your spends

Which wallets does GeekPay support?

Currently, GeekPay supports the following wallets: MyNearWallet (NEAR), Metamask (ETH, Polygon, BSC), TronLink (Tron). In the future, GeekPay should become wallet agnostic

If I need support or immediate feedback?

GeekPay team will back you up anytime 24/7. We organize our onboarding process for our customers in the way that they don`t feel lonely during and could feel the full scope of our services on the way. You can always reach out to us and send your request either over telegram @geekpayteam or email

Who we are

GeekPay helps to make the payments in digital currencies clear and well organized  

The contractors and professional services providers use digital currencies actively. It helps to navigate quicker and be responsive in the evolving reality
Who we are

We engaged the top experts in finance, legal and blockchain to create the tool that saves your time

GeekPay smooths annoying payroll process and gives the most convenient service to your contractors regardless of their location or residence


Veronica Korzh

CEO and co-founder

Tech entrepreneur and creator, years of operations global engineering teams

Vova Lando

CTO and co-founder

Software Architect and tech evangelist, years of work in various tech product companies

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